Frequently Asked Questions
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What's a PSC?

When you become a partner, Deluxe assigns a priority service code (PSC) that allows Deluxe to track customer purchases and credit partner rewards. Make sure the customers you refer and your staff know your priority service code. Affix it to brochures, referral business cards, use it in your e-mail sign off and consider adding a link to Deluxe on your web site which features your PSC.

What if a customer fails to use the PSC when ordering?

Unfortunately, if your customer fails to use your priority service code (PSC) at time of order, you (as the commission partner) will not receive commission credit. That's why it is critical to publish your PSC in your marketing materials and on your Web site and e-mail communications to ensure your customers and your staff can find it readily.

Will I receive commission on the members I refer forever?

You will receive commission based on the members you refer as long as you continue to refer new customers each year.

I've been a Referral Rewards member for years. Are there any changes to the program this year?

Yes, effective October 25, 2010, there is a new flat-rate commission structure. With the new commission structure, you will earn 25% commission on new referred customers' first purchases and 10% commission on customer reorders.

Can I order for my customers?

Yes. You may order products for your customers' however, when you encourage your customers to order directly from Deluxe, specialized sales personnel can help them select the right products and services for their businesses. Download this PDF for more information on how to order.

Will I receive a commission check every quarter?

You will receive quarterly commission checks as long as commissions are at least $25.00.